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Monday, July 19th, 2004 at 14:18 GMT
Yes, finally another update.  *Ahem*.  Anyway, here are some more pics of Surge 3, showing off three  new weapons and three new levels to use them in.  There's another example of "blended flats" in the first pic.
Lightning Gun Mega Launcher Spread Launcher

Friday, January 16th, 2004 at 19:13 GMT
An example of "blended flats" from Surge 3 :)


Wednesday, December 31st, 2003 at 00:02 GMT
Another couple of Surge 3 shots, showing off a remake of Derek MacDonald's Surge 2 map "The Spoogle Experiment".  Two more new weapons are revealed in them!
Revolver Dual Plasma Gun

BTW, I'd been looking everywhere for graphics for the Dual Plasma Gun, so Kaiser's recent DSV5 megawad was a god-send :)

Sunday, December 21st, 2003 at 12:57 GMT
Three more Surge 3 screenshots, this time of a massively expanded version of Surge 2's "Underpass".  They also serve to show off three more of the new weapons.
Berserk Pack Sub-Machine Gun Flame Spewer


I've also replaced three of the screenshots from the previous updates with newer versions.  They now show off some of the extra detail that's since been added.

Flamethrower Plasmatron UBAW 25000

Monday, December 15th, 2003 at 22:25 GMT
Surge 3!

The sequel to the two installments of some of the tiniest and most symmetrical DM levels is on it's way... but this time things will be different!

- Exclusively for Skulltag, and makes full use of  that port's many exclusive features -- plus those it inherited from Boom & ZDoom
- Around 30 non-symmetrical DM levels designed for 4+ players
- Several bonus non-DM levels (CTF, Skulltag, etc)
- Hundreds of new textures & flats
- Dozens of new decorations
- Some unique DeHackEd creations
- New weapons and power-ups in addition to the existing Doom and Skulltag ones

As well as bringing you numerous never-seen before levels (which will of course be great), you can expect to experience a great deal of deja-vu when you first play through the levels, because two old, never-announced projects will make up a good chunk of Surge 3. 

The best of NiGHTMARE: Revamps and even complete remakes of various old DM levels made by me.  Taken from sets such as Realms of Pain, Gothic DM 2, SlaughterDM and the Darkening, but expect to see improved gameplay, better detailing, new texture jobs, ZDoom/Skulltag effects, etc.

Super Surge: More revamps, this time of the best Surge 1 and 2 levels.  Again they'll feature greatly improved gameplay, nicer looks, and so on.  Don't expect them to stay tiny either; in fact, in some cases several levels will be merged together!

Currently there are four Surge 3 screenshots available.  They're all taken from an in-progess (hence it's distinct lack of prettiness) map  which is a combination of not one, not two, not three but SIX Surge 1 levels, and serve to show off some of the new weapons (note: graphics "borrowed" from various existing wads)

Rifle Flamethrower Plasmatron UBAW 25000

BTW, can anyone guess what UBAW stands for? Hint: it and the Plasmatron were created by the chief rival of the company who manufacture the Plasma Rifle and BFG9000 :)

Sunday, August 3rd, 2003 at 10:00 GMT
Seven Years of NiGHTMARE!

That's right, I've been a member of this ol' community for seven years now! :)  To celebrate, I've got a couple of presents for you all:

nb_e1m01 is a remake of Doom E1M1, done in the style of Doom 2 map01.  It features a bit more detail than the original E1M1, and substantially more enemies (that doesn't mean a lot though ;) ).  It should also play better in DM too :) What's more, you can play it in any port, even doom2.exe!


The other present is a  new texture pack.  It  features several hundred (!) recoloured Doom 1 and 2 textures and flats, such as golden versions of all the SILVERx, SHAWNx and associated textures, green and grey versions of BRICKx and BRONZEx, brown and green versions of the GRAYX textures, lots of different coloured lights, brown, grey and red versions of the TEKGRENx textures, etc.  Trust me, it's a lot cooler and more useful than it sounds :) It's likely that more versions of this particular pack will be released in the future, with additional and improved textures.

Thanks to Assmaster for hosting it!


There were supposed to be a couple of other new releases, such as a revamp of Darkening Episode 2 map06 and a brand new skin, but time constraints (mainly in the form of an ongoing job hunt) have meant I've been unable to finish them in time.  Rest assured they will all be released at some point in the future.

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