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NiGHTMARE's Boom tricks (v1.0)

This wad contains a level featuring various rare or unique tricks that level designers can implement in their own levels.

Execution: ZDoom edition demo

The first map from Execution, spruced up with fancy new ZDoom features (slopes, basically) and some nice new textures.

Genesis Lab

This is a ZDoom-specific speedmap I made just for the heck of it.  Looks quite nice IMHO, but is rather short.

Wasted 1: Industrial Zone

Download / text

"You've just entered a long abandoned industrial facility that's recently been taken over by the     hellspawn.  Your mission? Survive."

Wasted 2: The Crusher

Download / text

"The elevator in the industrial facility has brought you to a small waste  processing plant.  It smells like crap and worse still, in the distance you can hear the screechings of a large group of Imps..."


DW Speedmapping pack 2

"Build a map without using a grid"

Map02.  It's a kind of cross between the first two levels of Doom 2.  It's not very good, as it both looks like crap in most places and plays extremely poorly.

DW Speedmapping pack 3

"Build a map set in a torture chamber, with at least two booby traps"

Map07.  Definitely my best speedmap yet, although it is rather hard.  Especially as I forgot to add any health :)

DW Speedmapping pack 4

"Build a map set in a tech base, with at least two secret areas."

Map08.  This one's pretty good too, even if it does have doors that don't make sense (you'll see what I mean when you play it).  I also forgot the secret areas :)

DW Speedmapping pack 6

"Build a new final level for Doom 2"

Map07.  I'm not too fond of this one; it looks a bit primitive, and doesn't play very well at all.  It's also extremely short.  It's one redeeming factor is the ending...

DW Speedmapping pack 7

"Build a level in the episode 1 style"

E1M5.  I really like this one, although it seems other people don't.  Oh well :) It's kind of similar in style to Genesis Lab.

DW Speedmapping pack 10

"Build a flooded city"

Map06.  This one is really bad.  Really, really bad.  Try it for yourself if you don't believe me.

DW Speedmapping pack 14

"Build a level based on one of three d&d maps (included)"

Map07.  Very restricting theme this week, but I think I made the most out of it that I could.  For some reason it looks and plays like an old school ('95 era) level.

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